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i tried it because its Rina Chan's drink and now i like it too B.T.W blazeblue alternate universe Manga Edition will be posted soon. staring me as Dan Vermilion, Rina Chan as Noel Vermilion, and hopfully Kirbopher as Hazama/Terumi, and Hnilmik as professor Kokonoe and Lichi fei ling, and i'll try to contact Tomoyo Ichijouji to do the voice of Taokaka. if you guys like it I'll try to upload a flash edition of it. see ya!


2010-09-20 21:20:11 by TRLuigi

i need famous newground voice actors to do voices of my new flash Newgrounds the Good vs the Evil signers. if anyone wants to audition just PM me

thurd of the week.

2010-08-18 21:10:30 by TRLuigi

i don't know if getting a thurd of the week is a good thing or a bad thing anyway i will start making ss infinite part 2 right away it ill take a lot longer though

flashes on the way!

2010-07-20 14:34:01 by TRLuigi

as soon as i get my graphics tablet i'm making flashes and art

hey everybody

2010-01-24 11:47:28 by TRLuigi

Hey everybody on newgrounds i like street fighter and parodies so ill mmake a new flash submission once in a while so bye